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  • Nursilah Jakarta State University
  • Kartika Pearl Sari University Country Jakarta



Mark Moral, Dance Gambiranom, Perspective Immanuel Kant


Leave from perspective Immanuel Kant about morality, study this aim for identify the moral values in the Gambiranom dance that deserve to be guided to bring life to life return values moral which has faded. Discourse analysis methodology with approach Qualitative research in this study is used to understand the symbolic messages contained in the text something discourse. Discourse which meant in study this is dance Gambiranom. Collection data done through Interview, observation, studies References, and studies documentation. The data analysis technique used the data analysis technique of the Miles and Huberman model. This research produce two data main research, namely Hasta Sawanda dance Gambiranom and shape Gambiranom dance presentation. These data produce an interpretation of Hasta Sawanda in the Gambiranom dance as good will according to the perspective of Immanuel Kant's moral values, and the form of presenting the Gambiranom dance as an act rightly according to the perspective of Immanuel's moral values Kant. From the two data, it produces a good value (praiseworthy) which is then gives birth to the highest good (summum bonum). The highest good is obtained by a dancer if has carry out the action which correct (act rightly) and intention which good (good will) according to the rules of classical Javanese dance style Surakarta is a condition where dancers are successful merged himself into the full character of Irawan's character. So that connoisseurs/viewers don't again see dancer as personal dancer but character Raden Irawan or King Gambiranom.


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Register Source:

Bambang Purnomo, dancer, coach platform Java Middle year 2019-2021, Interview 6 November 2019 in platform Central Java Park Mini Beautiful Indonesia, Jakarta

Gendo Kusnadi, dancer, trainer of the Central Java Pavilion in 2021, interview 7 May 2021 at Central Java Pavilion, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Jakarta and interview 10 July 2021 through WhatsApp VideoCall.

Supriyanti, lecturer ISI dance Yogyakarta, Interview May 4, 2021 through WhatsApp Text messenger.




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